Why Do You Need Cloud Scraper For Your Web Scraping Projects? – The Semalt Answer

Cloud scraper is a Node.js library used to bypass Cloudflare's anti-DDoS pages. Nowadays, bloggers and webmasters depend on accurate and clean data to make marketing decisions. This is where cloud scraper comes in. With Cloud scraper, you can easily scrape both JavaScript loading sites, and Cloudflare protected web pages.

Why to choose Cloud Scraper?

As an e-commerce website owner, you need to track down your competitors' progress. You can decide to extract data from other websites and execute the data analysis using your local machine or hire professionals for comprehensive web scraping services. Web data extraction just got more comfortable with Cloud Scraper.

In the recent past, marketers faced a technical difficulty when extracting vast amounts of data from dynamic websites. You can work with this software even when your server comprises of hardware including RAIDs or virtualization environments such as VirtualBox, Xen, and VMware.

Bypassing Cloudflare's anti-DDoS page

Cloud web scraper efficiently extracts data from static and dynamic websites using your generated sitemap. Use Chrome Cloud Scraper extension to create your plan (sitemap) and let it do the rest of the web scraping tasks. Without necessary tools, cloud migration can be quite a cumbersome task.

If you are working on performing server migrations in a reliable, fast, inexpensive, and simple way, Cloud Scraper is the software to consider. The tool works by providing a straightforward and dependable replication solution primarily built for cloud migration tasks. Here are the key reasons as to why you need to consider Cloud Web Scraper for your upcoming projects:

  • Data backup – Cloudscraper can be used as a reliable backup solution for your scraped data. With this software, you don't need to hire an army of developers to back up your hard drive as a result of crashes.
  • Privacy – When it comes to online marketing, privacy is a necessary prerequisite. If your marketing strategy falls into the hands of attackers, you can end up losing millions of dollars. Cloud scraper uploads your server data directly into the cloud without involving 3rd parties. Your data is securely transferred to the clouds through the use of a secure connection.
  • Network-aware – Cloud Scraper works for both static and comprehensive networks. The software supports Azure Virtual Networks, EC2 public cloud, and hybrid cloud. Not sure of whether Cloudflare protection is turned on? Relax. This software encapsulates logic which extracts the target data, solves errors, submits data, and returns the page body to the clients.

To obtain consistent results when using Cloud Web Scraper, consider supporting cookies to solve the challenge per sessions, checking for reCaptcha, and supporting web pages with fast redirects. Here are simple anti-bot pages to keep into consideration when using Cloudflare.

  • Page with reCaptcha;
  • Page which redirects to the original website;
  • Page with error;
  • Reliable JavaScript and HTML page with challenge;

Cloud Scraper is the best solution for your incoming web scraping projects. This software is widely used by marketers to migrate servers to clouds. Luckily, you don't have to panic if you don't have any coding knowledge. Install Cloud Web Scraper on your machine and let the software automate your cloud migration projects.